Friday, October 27, 2006

Gender Audit

LWF has a policy of participation and leadership of 40% men, 40%women and 20% youth. Though this is an admirable policy, it can be quite challenging and difficult to adhere to unless, we intentionally insist and maintain it to be a sign and expression of an inclusive communion. Gender audit is a tool to see whether we have been able to achieve this goal.

Let's see how well the organizing team managed to stick to this policy during the week of meetings! Please remember, it is not easy but if they have manged, they deserve to be applauded!

We begin with the worships. For the 5 days of worships the following have been assigned.

Men: Musa Filibus, Eberhard Hitzler 40%
Women: Colette Bouka Coula, Priscilla Singh 40%
Youth: Simone Sinn 20%

100% marks for the team! Way to go team!Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons

Monday morning

I look forward to meeting you all on Monday morning in the Main Hall.

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Welcome to the 2006 LWF Week of Meetings